Émile Gallé, (1889) Photo for entry card to 1889 Paris Exposition

It’s an extraordinary way to fuse glass in such a way it gives the small little stories in the lampshade. On or off these handmade designed interior lamps are a blessing for the eye. Cased glass and cameo glass were two techniques often used. Gallé born on 4 March 1846 in the city of Nancy, France. His father, Charles Gallé, was a merchant of glassware and ceramics who had settled in Nancy in 1844, and his father-in-law owned a factory in Nancy which manufactured mirrors. His father took over the direction of his mother’s family business, and began to manufacture glassware with a floral design. He also took over a struggling faience factory and began make new products.

These poetry light stories should be affordable for all people with love for the design made by Émile. Poetryinglass is working together with the best Hand Blown Glass workers giving this real vintage feeling in every single item. These are precise and handmade replicas recognized by the ‘Tip’ sign on base and lampshade.

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